Phuket is an abundance of beaches and monuments. Having more than 30 beaches is perhaps the most interesting fact about the Thailand destination. Kamala, Kata Karon, and Patong Beach, the most popular beaches, are quite the view but travelers revel in the discovery of hidden gems, just north of the island. Tourists often laud Kata Noi Beach as the best beach amongst others, thanks to the clear waters, quality of sand, and beach facilities. Located on the west coast of Phuket, Kata Noi Beach is well-suited for new couples and families. Reports from old tourists suggest that when the sunsets, Phuket radiates spectacular beauty which casts a spell on travelers, always!

There are many activities for natives and travelers throughout the day in Phuket. For instance, the elegant beach sands are perfect for sunbaths and romantic walks while you can meander the waters on boats and discover the neighboring islands. Don’t forget the splendid culture, including the boisterous nightlife and religious temples, as you go about your day.

The temperature sits between 220C and 340C, creating warmth throughout the year. Thailand, unlike Australia, switches between hot, calm, and wet climates, the three distinct seasons in that region. Monsoon is not a property of tropical Phuket, and downpours are often immediately accompanied by sunshine, a perfect recipe for sunbaths and suntans. The low seasons aren’t as favorable for holidaying as the periods between December and March when the weather is just perfect for exploring. 

One of the ways to enjoy holidaying in Phuket is to find the perfect apartment. You can either stay in the town or excuse yourself from the loud lifestyle in exclusive island hotels, several miles away from Phuket town. However, cultural highlights are best experienced in the city. Meanwhile, you get luxury treatment packages as guests in the island hotels. Your choice of the beach can also determine the holiday experience – while some are modest and secluded for the perfect romantic vacation, others are noisy and energetic from dusk till dawn.

Hand-picked Phuket Experience

A guide will take you through Phuket islands for half of the day. The tour includes sightseeing the beautiful yet intricate islands and beach roads linking Rawai, Kata, Karon, and Patong beaches. In Phuket, Wat Chalong is a popular Buddhist temple, the monument that houses the statues of three respected monks and abbots. Architectural beauties, including the Sino-Portuguese, are must-visits in Phuket. It is not surprising that the Phuket Islands are revered for being the backdrop of popular western movies.

Phuket old town

A charming destination in Phuket is the Old Town. Popular since its construction in the 19th century, the city has generously preserved the historic Sino-Portuguese townhouses which are natural monuments in Phuket. The town is always abuzz with different people in hubs, food stalls, and a chain of restaurants. More so, you can explore the town by tasting local meals, including snacks, steamed buns, and Thai-styled dumplings.

Coral Island

Approximately 10km to the South of Phuket is Coral Island, the perfect mesh of crystal waters and sandy beaches. Take a walk on the beautiful sands, and when you’re done, sail underwater to explore the vibrant marine life. The island is enclosed by coral reefs, sandy beaches, and other an abundance of nature’s gifts. A brisk walk over the hills opens up to a tranquil beach and quiet cove where the waters are as blue as the skies.

Hand-picked Phuket Hotels

DoubleTree by Hilton Phuket Banthai Resort

DoubleTree makes for a great stay in Patong. Located in the heart of the town, DoubleTree is flanked by the Andaman Sea’s turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. The resort carefully balances the vibrant and quiet lifestyle by sharing borders with the locale and the most tranquil parts of Phuket. For a great holiday experience, opt for rooms with a terrace area or private balcony that overlooks the green gardens and clean pools.

Kathathani Phuket

Kathathani Phuket has melted thousands of hearts since the natives discovered the lustrous wonder. Year after year, it continues to be one of the most visited resorts in Phuket, many thanks to the terraces, private balconies, and tropical gardens overlooking the pools. A perfect destination for the family, Kathathani has an ambiance that makes it incredibly pristine. If you are a sucker for high grounds and structural swimming pools stemming from a cascade of beautiful blue waters throughout 850m long beach, Kathathani is more than perfect! More importantly, it is excellent for conservative crowds.

TreeHouse Villas Koh Yao Noi

Located about 30 minutes away from Phuket’s Haven YatchClub is the TreeHouse Villa. Discover your inner child at Tree House Villa, the unique architectural destination where luxury and tranquility combine into a great atmosphere. This destination shares its throne with the jungle’s canopy, rendering superb views over the seas.