There are many destinations in Thailand, but none like Krabi, the lush and picturesque city for the adventurous. Amongst the many colorful characteristics of the city includes pristine rock formations, a long stretch of islands, and white sandy beaches beyond the coastline. If you love wild adventures, you will appreciate the lush forestland, waterfalls, and exotic wildlife. The quickest way to commute on the island is by sailboat. And on longtail boats, you can paddle the turquoise waters to discover Phi Phi Islands, an exotic and prolific island whose grandiose rock sediments and sandy beaches create a rich juxtaposition of nature and its elements. And that’s not all.

The islands in Krabi are especially suited for various activities. You can climb rocks, ride a boat, snorkel, kayak, hike in the jungle, even scuba dive. If you’re drawn to the aviary, there’s an expanse of land where you can observe the flying flock. Are you on vacation with your loved one? Settle in a boat and watch the golden horizon flicker at sunset while enjoying an exotic Thai dish.

To soak in the ambiance of the island, head on to Ao Nang, the most vibrant center in Krabi, where foreigners (tourists) and the natives share lovely moments in huts or along the Ao Nang sandy beach. At the sandy beach, you will find longtail boats to access the surrounding islands. The fun doesn’t end here. You can explore more bars and restaurants and trade with local storekeepers and merchants for thoughtful souvenirs.  

A more surreal location is the Railay Beach, dubbed as the most sought after beach in Krabi. Why because this beach grants access to four other beaches, creating a picture-perfect view of rock formations and giant limestone cliffs. Add that to the complex caves and lagoons emanating from the rock, depicting Railay Beach as a breathtaking destination on the island. 

In the heart of the city is Main Krabi town, a place where tourists can truly experience the charm and pulchritude of Thailand and its people. Thanks to the decent climate conditions, Krabi maintains a 280C average temperature throughout the year.

November through April is marked by dry and calm weather

Frequent rain showers occur between May and October, maintaining the lush beauty of the jungle.

Hand-picked Krabi Experience

We have featured popular experiences

Sunset Cruise and luminescence plankton

The Krabi Sunset Cruise presents an unmissable splendor in wooden junk ships. Absorb the impressive coastal view as you cruise through Ta Ming, Ko Yawasam, Koh Si, Koh Gai, and Koh Poda. Swimming enthusiasts proceed to enjoy a refreshing time in the waters, especially in the dark for that unique ‘bio-luminescence’ view.

Mangrove Kayaking

Mangrove kayaking takes on a different experience on Thalane Bay as you are taken through mangrove forests where a trio of landscapes unravels. Do not forget to explore the hidden bay, the Andaman Sea, and the limestone cliffs before heading out to the mangrove itself. Even better, you will find different species of monkeys and birds amidst the fauna of the mangrove.

Tiger Cave and The Emerald Pools

This 24-hour tour takes you into the deepest part of the Krabi jungle. Not only will you see the famous Tiger Temple Cave, but you will discover hidden sights alongside the Emerald Pool. The natural hot spring, known as Emerald Pool, is encircled by limestone projections. Connect with your chakras as you meditate in the surrounding temples too.

Paradise Koh Yao Noi

We have featured popular experiences

Sunset Cruise and luminescence plankton

Paradise Koh Yao is embedded in Koh Yao Noi Island which shares boundaries with Phang Nga Bay, Krabi’s neighboring town. The coolest thing about this destination is the bays and the views which ascribe the ‘paradise’ moniker to the island. The Paradise is richly enclosed in dense rainforest. You also have access to the private beaches of crystal water with the most exquisite beach sands in that region.

Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi

This tropical Paradise is a treasure trove of nature’s luxuries. The resort is carefully hidden in a bay that is only accessible by boat. It features private villas, humungous rooms, ocean views, and garden settings. There are options for plunge pools or outdoor Jacuzzi coupled with interior designs of high ceilings, and stone features, all in Thai style. Centara Grand Beach Resort provides tranquility and an abundance of opportunities for conservative tourists.

The Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort

At Tubkaak Beach are chic and stylish chains of pool villas and up to 59 sophisticated rooms enveloped in a boutique resort. More than the ambiance and altruistic service packages, you will be spellbound by the privacy and tranquility the destination affords you. Just like Centara, the resort is perfect for modest and conservative couples or travelers.