Khao Lak

Talk about peaceful and Khao Lak will show you there are no boundaries in peace. The resort destination stands on a 20km expanse of Phang Nga coastal resort. Enjoy Thailand in its true nature in this authentic destination whose unique atmospheric properties are to die for. Besides, the reasonable price tag at Khao Lak makes it even better. Like a dream, Khao Lak resort has beautiful and clear waters with well-proportioned sandy beaches. An exclusive day’s activity is best enjoyed at the beach while the roads branch into street kitchens, small markets, and restaurants for wholesome evening fun.

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Similan Islands

To the North of Khao Lak are Similan Islands, a magnificent confluence of seas and coastal views. These small groups of charming islands, called Similan Islands, are present on land and beneath the clear waters. You will also find an assortment of colorful schools and coral reefs during diving and snorkeling activities. Between the Surin and Similan Island National Parks is the picturesque virgin island, Koh Tachai. Tourists enter the city in troops between November and April when the water visibility is purest and clearest.

James Bond Island by Cruise

Named after the prolific James Bond character, this island is one of the best destinations at Khao Lak. Because it is located in Phang Nga Bay, you will discover an overlooking stretch of limestone cliffs and clear waters at James Bond Island. This region earned its name when the needle-shaped limestone rocks were featured in ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’, the 1974 Bond movie. Discover the famous Muslim Fishing village, a short distance from Koh Panyee Island. Many tourists often confuse the Fishing Village as a floating village because it is erected on stilts over the water.

Hand-picked Khao Lak Hotels

Sands Khao Lak is not to be confused for sandy dunes and beach sands only. The luxurious resort is undoubtedly a perfect option for beach lovers and people with a loud lifestyle as there is plenty of space, a vibrant atmosphere, and several facilities for families. Besides, the Sands Khao Lak hotel has three sections – two for adults and the last for children and families. Each area is marked with amenities, especially the pool area, which is correctly structured for each age group. Families and the kids can slide and swim in large baths marked off as a unique splash area, an incredible play area just beside the pool. Where better to enjoy family time than Sands Khao Lak?

Mukdara Beach Villa & Spa Resort

The lustrous pearl dubbed as Mukdara Beach Villa & Spa is an excellent resort on Khao Lak lands. Sitting on more than 16 acres of hedged gardens, Mukdara Beach inspires the beachfront vibes. Even better, the strategic geography of the area makes it accessible via the Phuket International airport and Khao Lak Center, one hour away and five minutes away respectively. Sharing a structural resemblance with small villages, Mukdara is the best place to forget about the hustle and bustle of city life, and enjoy the Thai lifestyle.

Maikhao Dream Resort & Spa

Maikhao Dream Resort & Spa sits across the golden shores of Phang Nga and Natai Beach. The 56-room resort has spacious duplexes and deluxe pools emanating from the clear blue seas. The perfect juxtaposition of Thai architecture with elegant modern designs in a five-star luxury formula is exceptionally magical. It is especially suitable for romantic honeymoons and family getaways during the summer holidays.