Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) has a population close to 9 million with delicious attractions and energy enough to go round the city. Called by the HCMC acronym, the Saigon city is close to the Saigon river banks where it was discovered in the 19th century by the French. Over the years, it has merged with its neighbor, the terrific Chinese Cho Lon settlement. The French marked this territory with a business center and religious destination, known respectively as the Stock Exchange market and the Cathedral, in District 1. To date, these monuments are almost always visited by tourists and the fact that hotels generously crawl on the landmark makes it a great visiting area. 

Also the capital of South Vietnam, the short lived US-supported republic was defeated by Vietnam in a 1975 war, as depicted by the iconic picture of the war tanks that lunged into the Presidential palace the same year. HCMC is denoted by its bold history; assuming the position of the country’s largest city was never a coincidence. The urban area is incredibly chaotic with cars, trucks, and motorbikes while the pedestrian area is always littered with humans going about their daily chores. HCMC is proud of its local and exotic dishes prepared in the busy Vietnamese kitchens where coconut milk and spices are the secrets to delicious menus. Coffee drinks have been elevated to unseen levels as the Vietnamese are experts at brewing coffee. If you love beer, you will find solace in Vietnamese craft beer breweries across Vietnam.

Alagon Zen Hotel

HCMC’s Alagon Hotels & Spa is a five-minute walk from the popular centers and is found in HCMC’s prime location. Whether you are in town for business or leisure, this hotel has elegant and luxurious furnishings to suit your specifications. Right on the eleventh floor, you can access the incredible pools for a cool swim, release some steam on the rooftop bar while sipping refreshing cocktails, relax to a therapeutic massage at the spa, and burn your fats at the well-equipped gym. 

Silverland Saigon Min Hotel

Silverland Min Hotel is one of the busiest hotels in HCMC and represents minimalism and dynamism. The modern Japanese modernism is reflected in the detailing of the 37 hotel rooms, which are abundantly fragrant, even quiet and relaxing. You can explore the town’s best relaxation spots, including lounges, restaurants, and top-nodded bars. One of the best restaurants is the Silverland Min Hotel.

Renovated in December 2018, the Sanouva Saigon is a block away from the famous traditional Ben Thanh market right in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. The hotel has 53 rooms, all equipped with reading lights, IDD telephone, cable LCD TV, air-con systems, and broadband internet for bloggers and businessmen. Every room is a suite and is adorned with mini-bars, hairdryer facilities, and safety boxes for extra comfort. 

Saigon Experiences

Locally called the Ca Phe Sua Da or Iced Milk Café in modern language, Vietnamese coffee tops the gourmet foodie list. One would think that the simple recipe made of sweet condensed milk, dark roasted beans, and the ‘phin’ metal filter will make a regular cup of coffee. However, the recipe makes a great-tasting cup of coffee that could compete in any coffee competition. At the Boutique Villa, you can join hundreds of tourists on a 120 minutes tour of Vietnamese coffee, and extra lessons about how to become a world-renowned barista and maker of high-graded passionate coffee. Besides, you can learn about the culture and history of the great blends of coffee in Vietnam.

Running Through vibrant Saigon

Running is one of the best ways to discover the awesomeness of the city. The race across HCMC unveils famous landmarks with incredible vantage points to see how the city’s skyline is such a brilliant backdrop. And once you cross the finish line, you’ll have surreal memories of the city’s illustriousness. Discover the spectacular racing events, running events, and bonding occasions where you can make new friends.

Explore the local life in the Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is a beautiful water world with bicycle tours, and comprehensive boat rides along the rich coast, all the while understanding the ways of the natives. Enjoy a cruise in traditional boats through factories, local homes, narrow canals, local restaurants, and the famous floating market.