Hoi An

Danang City lies in the heart of Vietnam, where tourism is as important as a day’s meal. Raking in the country’s largest tourism revenue, Danang is central to tourism and the shipping harbor where daily trades take place. For the past 25 years, Danang has etched a special place in tourists’ hearts due to its many features.

You will find a collection of hotels along the famous China Beach. The scenic coastline houses various golf courses. The perfect weather conditions and an accessible international airport, coupled with the endless beaches, are highlights at Hoi An, and all about 30km to the south of Danang.

The ancient city of Hoi An was an accessible trading port when the Europeans were in charge of that region. Even 600 years ago, Japanese and Chinese trading houses littered Hoi An region. Fast forward to the 19th century, the great Thu Bon river which supported the trade in the area became un-sailable, forcing people to move their business to Danang. Slowly, Hoi An left the memory banks of the natives.

However, between the late ‘80s and ‘90s, travelers rediscovered the beautiful Hoi An. Nowadays, it is known as a living museum that houses heirlooms for future generations, and a getaway for lovebirds. Also, the Thu Bon river has become accessible, and you shouldn’t forget to navigate the area after exploring the great food in the city of lanterns. There is an expanse of rice fields to be seen on bicycle rides and basket boats. An Bang, a nearby beach, has several surfing instructors who can teach you the ways of the natives. The famous bars and restaurants have incredible foods, drinks, and other edible souvenirs.


Aira Boutique Hotel & Villa

The white-sand An Bang beach is home to Aira Boutique Hotel. The hotel opens up to an expanse of the sea where the white sands are washed ashore. Arguably the most relaxed spot in that region, the hotel is situated within lush vegetation and is perfect for sea exploration. If you are cycling, you can access this UNESCO-heritage in less than a quarter of an hour. The destination of the largest rice paddy field is only less than 20 minutes from Danang International airport.

Sol An Bang Homestay Resort

Sol An Bang Homestay Resort is the trendiest destination within miles of Hoi An, beautifully nestled within the casuarina forest while sharing its territory with clear seas. Within the resort are decorated guest rooms for families, friends, and business people. Features of Sol An Bang include:

  • A restaurant with Vietnamese and Western-style dishes
  • Two picturesque swimming pools
  • A long stretch of beach which houses the prominent beach bar where cocktails and cold drinks are made in varieties
  • Free rental bicycles for exploring the whole of Hoi An at a token

Hoi An Trail Resort

The paddy rice fields and garden of fresh fruits usher in hundreds of tourists whose love for nature and the tranquil lifestyle support their adventure. Take a seat on your balcony to listen to chirping birds and the fragrant Michelia as you enter a deep state of meditation. Paradise is right at your feet at this resort. The several unique rooms are built in traditional Vietnamese style, each designed by local artisans who reflect the rich Hoi An heritage via the assortment of premium furniture and overall architecture.

Hoi An Experiences

Budget wellness experience in Hoi An

Where better to nourish your body and soul than Vietnam? There are special yoga classes where you can absorb community values and traditions. The nomadic connection with the environment creates an undying thirst for beach life. More than that, the idyllic Hoi An experience is everything you need to relax your mind, soothe your soul, and protect your body. You have found the perfect spot to enjoy your Yoga journey in Hoi An. Keep exploring!

Vegan Cooking Class in Hoi An

The Vietnamese people are known for their exceptional culinary skills. It is for this reason that you shouldn’t miss out on the delicious platters of food – both local and Mediterranean. The specialty local dishes in Hoi An infuse the agelong Buddhist tradition into modern recipes. Dieticians and vegan enthusiasts will find an assortment of dishes during most parts of the year. As you eat, you can also learn about local people and their culture.

Sea Trekking in Cu Lao Cham Island

Sea trekking wasn’t a tradition until the Hoi An natives invented it. With special facilities, you can explore the underwater life via hand-feeding a school of fishes and studying the unique coral reefs. Cu Lao Cham Island is an indescribable mesh of golden sunshine, azure waters, and brilliant coral reefs. Grab a water-resistant camera to photograph fishes in numerous sizes and colors. When you’re done exploring the local marine life, you should settle down on the beach to enjoy seafood barbecue and burn off stored energy on the jungle trails.