About Us

Asiatic Adventures mission is to fulfil the needs and desires of our clients worldwide with a comprehensive service linking travellers to all elements of our industry while respecting and focusing on all aspects of our sustainability commitments.

We believe that sustainable tourism can enrich the lives of travellers as well as the people and places they visit, allowing local communities to prosper while safeguarding the rich ancestral heritage that makes them unique and attractive.

Sustainable or responsible eco-tourism involves travel to natural or indigenous areas in a way that improves the welfare of local people, minimise negative environmental impacts, and helps conserve fragile cultures and habitats long term

We are committed to holding our tours and experiences to these standards :Environment ,organisational , cultural and social sustainability . To help support the growth of clean energy our Main Office is in Summer Lasalle which is designed to complement the spacious natural surroundings with airy open-plan architecture, ample communal areas and outdoor gardens, working professional can relax, socialise and brainstorm outside the box.

Asiatic Adventures Team

Mr. Martin Nordby Vestergaard

Managing Director

Ms. Thatphicha Mongkolsabchai

Contracting Manager

Ms. Aomkaew Sangkhan


Mrs. Katemanee Paul

Operation Executive

Ms. Kannikorn Ardvisai

Operation Executive

Ms. Aruntida Srisopha

Operation Executive

Mr. Tanatip Smitananda

Reservation Executive

Ms. Supakorn Chueafak

Operation Executive

Ms. Nitthamas Pattamachinda

Contract Data Inventory

Mr. Aung Kyaw Phyo

Marketing Executive