Halong Bay

Halong Bay is a mystical Island close to the Tonkin Bay. For many centuries, this area has been a worthy attraction to tourists and travelers. Why because a lot of people have heard about the 700 beautiful islands in the bay. Marked off as a heritage site by UNESCO, the area is under strict regulations for frequent maintenance, restricting the influx of tourists. However, there are so many other activities to engage yourself. You can tour the islands and cruise through the bay on dedicated vehicles. While some may enjoy soaking in the sun during visits, other tourists may prefer misty weather when the island is hidden in the hay of smoke, slowly unraveling itself like a maze as you paddle through. In this case, you may hire a tour guide for better guidance. If this doesn’t sound like your kind of adventure, you can head to Cat Ba Island, located to the south of the bay and home to more coral reefs. A remarkable experience is the 3-day long Cruise which opens up to outer islands and peculiar tourist routes. After a long day, enjoy a restful sleep at any of the luxurious hotels in Cat Ba.


Scarlet Pearl Cruise

Scarlet Pearl is a moniker inspired by the pearls in the Halong Bay area. The farming pearl industry is one of the many natural gifts in Hoi An. Many guests relive the pearl-themed experience at the Scarlet Pearl Cruise, which boosts the economy of the region by employing the natives to promote tourism in the same region. The Lan Ha bay houses the Scarlet Pearl Cruise and receives a controlled number of visitors compared to the more bubbly Halong Bay area. Cat Ba Island also shares its territory with Lan Ha Bay where you’ll find biodiversity of endangered primates such as the Cat Ba Langur.

Genesis Cruise

Genesis Cruise is a combination of local culture and luxurious service. The area perfectly portrays the Vietnamese tradition through monumental interior decors and safety boats that sail across the whole of Halong Bay, especially the dragon lands where the fun and excitement lie.

Rosy Cruise

Rosy Cruise is home to modern, stylish, and premier five-star cruise sessions. On top of that, the cruise includes culinary and sightseeing experiences along Halong Bay and its extraordinary heritage sites. The unforgettable journey is wrapped up in a web of dreamy splendor and unique Vietnamese exploration. In sightseeing, you can enjoy a personal view of the pearl farming village and floating fishing village before sunset.


The 1000 years old Vietnamese capital is a gem waiting to be uncovered by curious tourists. The beautiful blend of sophisticated French architecture with the traditional Vietnamese foundation makes for an incredible experience for everyone. Home to a population of 8 million people, the city is mostly abuzz with people in their cars and bicycles going about their day. Stroll through the Old Quarter to examine the spectacular old streets which buzz with native traders. Never forget to check out the stately buildings and avenues at the French Quarter. Experience a feeling of Egyptian mummies at the Ho Chi Min Mausoleum, the resting place of Ho Chi Minh’s embalmed body. Warning – it may get creepy if you’re alone. Hire a tour guide to take you around the Temple of Literature, Vietnam’s first university, which is a proximal distance from the temple’s peaceful garden. In between the Old and French Quarters is Hoan Kiem, one of the most visited places in Hanoi. Since Hanoians are at every twist and corner, even while you are at your hotel, you can get firsthand experience about the ways of the natives. Take a scooter or the more adventurous bicycle tour to food festivals. Here is the weather profile in Hanoi:

Cold chills mark January through March

Warm winds grace the city between April and May

The days between October and December are calm and pleasant, and the summer ushers in warmness and light rainfalls.


The Insider’s Hanoi by vintage Vespa

The Insider’s Hanoi is a unique way to explore Hanoi and engage in unmatched tourist activities such as jumping on a Vespa scooter to see Hanoi in all its glory. Do not forget to add it to your bucket list if you’re used to the quiet life and crave something different. The vintage Vespa trip takes you through the hectic traffic in Hanoi, towards the most vibrant parts of the city where a range of activities await you.

Cycling Hanoi in early morning

Whether during the day or at nights, Hanoi is a beauty to behold. A refreshing way to kickstart your day is cycling through the city to watch the golden rays of sun settle on Hanoi. An early start in Hanoi is a chance to watch the beautiful Hanoi city burst into life. Some of the Hanoian rituals to take to heart are a trip to the marketplace and learning Tai Chi. Evening hours are the best times when natives and tourists troop out to enjoy the bliss of nightlife.

Historic Hanoi via Art Experience

Are you a lover of art and would love to take a class in Vietnamese history? Not to worry; you can explore historic Hanoi at the historic grounds where people relive the work of Hanoi’s most celebrated artists. Visit private galleries with hanging artworks and fascinating sculptures that succinctly reflect the prominent art scenes in Vietnam. Here, you can learn about the character and history of Vietnam’s distinct art scenes. Interestingly, you get to experience all of these for a token. Even better, Historic Hanoi is a delectable experience for families, colleagues, or partners.

Hanoi Hotels

La Siesta Classic Hotels

La Siesta Classic Hotel comes alive with Asian-themed interior and exterior, a beautiful sight for guests like you. Right in the middle of the Old Quarter, you will find the tranquil La Siesta Classic Hotels whose luxurious setting is an excellent match for the traditional lifestyle on the streets of Hanoi. Its proximity to Hoan Kiem Lake provides an intimate scenery of clear but shallow waters. La Siesta Classic Hotels started as a small team. Still, after giving selfless customer service and unmatched hotel standards for many years, it has grown into a large boutique hotel with chains across the country. Their selfless service and continued deference to guests, the hotel ranks as one of the best in Hanoi.

MK Premier Boutique Hotel

MK Premier Hotel is an infusion of modern design and traditional Hanoi culture. Every room has a unique design for the visitors’ delight. Their unforgettable hospitality mantra is as phenomenal as the guest-specific experiences it offers. Also located around the Old Quarter, MK Premier Boutique Hotel has a beautiful ambiance and refined atmospheric features that inspire modern sophistication and the traditional Vietnam setting. MK Premier Boutique Hotel is also reasonably priced and budget-friendly without making a compromise in the quality and available facilities.

Pu Luong Retreat

Pu Luong Retreat features excellent panoramic views nestled within the hillsides in Hanoi. This retreat is an incredibly suitable escape from loud living. You are guaranteed an escapade in scenic landmarks including terrace fields, mountain ranges, traditional villages, and fascinating mountain passes. The fact that it is a couple of hours away from Hanoi makes it even suitable for different types of tourists.